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Two Incredible Hulk TV spots

Hulk.jpgIt's finally the week that sees the release of The Incredible Hulk. But that still leaves time for two final TV spots. One of which shows The Incredible Hulk talking briefly, and one which shows a cameo.

For those of you that want to keep spoiler free I'd avoid the second one. I'm glad it's nearly release date and we don't have to wait much longer.

The first Incredible Hulk TV spot is below from You Tube, through Rope of Silicon. This one has the big guy talking.

And the second is on You Tube, through superhero hype. Avoid this one if you don't want to see any spoilers. I am totally ready to see this one now. Bring it on.



Rather nervous about this one after all the "troubled shoot" reports and the news last week that Ed Norton's name as writer had been removed from the film, but looking forward to seeing a preview of it tomorrow night.

I'm looking forward to seeing it as well. Which probably means I'll be disappointed when I do! Let's hope not though.

I'm keen to see it, but for me I still wonder why there is so much hatred for Ang Lee's version. Sure there were problems, but for what the Hulk is it was a good attempt.

I wonder if they really can restart the franchise.


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