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Wanted alterations explained

Wanted_Cover.jpgI've talked about the changes from the original Wanted graphic novel to the big screen version and how I think that the film version might have just changed a little too much, indeed some of the ideas sound a little poor.

However according to Mel Caylo, a spokesperson for Top Cow who released the Wanted series by Mark Millar, the Hollywood Wanted story was made before the comic series was completed, indeed before the script was even fleshed out.

There were some great ideas in the original and the main theme of the supervillains organising themselves to defeat the superheroes of the world was superbly realised. They'd banded together and created a secret group that ran the world behind the scenes, ensuring that they could do anything they wanted, whenever they wanted. There's much more to it than that, but I'd quickly leap into spoiler territory.

The film version has a group of secret assassins employed to kill people to ensure that the future unfolds as it has been written. This is done by the Weavers who weave the future and ensure that those who oppose it or stand in its way are killed.

Huge differences, and while I'm disappointed I still think the film will be pretty exciting, particularly as it carries an R-rating and is set to be as hard and full on as the comic series was. Here's what Caylo said through Sci Fi Wire:

"What many people don't know is that Wanted was optioned before the series was concluded...At that time, Mark had an idea based around a society of assassins that worked underground or behind the scenes, and that's what the producers bought. Mark then decided to go in the direction that Earth was once populated by superheroes, but they have been vanquished, ... and supervillains now run the Earth [in] five major cabals that run the whole world. They went with the original concept and based the film on that."

Now that would explain the huge differences, although this means the script was being worked on some time ago and it's been in development for a fair while. Still, regardless of the changes I'm still keen, as is comic book write Ron Marz who seems to think the fans are trivialising things a little:

"The movie is really, really faithful to the spirit of the book...It's an R-rated movie, and it's a kick-ass movie. It's a summer popcorn flick, and it should be accessible to a massive audience. Let's not get our panties in a bunch. Some of the fan reaction has been negative towards the movie because they feel like if there aren't guys running around in spandex, it's not the same story. It is the same story, and it's the same balls-to-the wall stuff, but just a little bit more real-world"

Well saying it's accessible and a summer popcorn flick doesn't really suggest to me that it's going to be good, we've seen our fair share of disasterous films that meet those criteria, and suggesting that the fans are upset because there's no spandex in there is a little belittling. The real concern is about those massive script changes.

Still, he has some very positive things to say, and it all still helps to increase my interest in Wanted. I just wonder how much the script diversion is going to affect it? Perhaps only really for fans of the original series.



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