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Wanted Red Band restricted trailer

Wanted_Still.jpgThere's a new trailer out for Wanted, yes another one, but this one's a red band trailer and includes a little bit of swearing and a little bit of blood.

However Apple have decided to lock it down to iTunes users only - I've been waiting for it to appear elsewhere for everyone to see, but there's no luck as yet so I'm afraid us non-iTunes users have to wait for someone to rip it or for it to be opened up to all.

Don't Microsoft get into trouble for doing stuff like this? Anyway, the new red band Wanted trailer is available for iTunes users through Superhero Hype.

What's it looking like? Can all you i-thingy users get on the case and let us non-i-thingy users know?

I hate the practice of locking people out of seeing trailers. I mean it's marketing material for your film, why on earth would you want to deliberately make sure that people cannot see it? If I was the studio I would be having words with Apple (and other sites who lock people out from seeing content, you know who you are MTV) and ensuring everyone could see the trailer for my film regardless.

I've found the trailer on a non-restrictive site, somewhere they want to advertise the film to all. Enjoy.



Being a lucky mac user, I'd say it's pretty much this trailer:

Wanted trailer

Mixed with some of this one:

Russian trailer


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