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Wanted seven minutes online

Wanted_Still.jpgSeven minutes of Wanted have appeared online, and you can watch them right here. The film is heavily adapted from the excellent Mark Millar comic book which sees a hapless nobody pulled out of his day to day drudgery by a team of assassins to join a group to which his father belonged, a father he thought was long dead but who was actually assassinated just the other day.

Into the life of James McAvoy's Wesley Gibson comes Angelina Jolie's Fox, a trained assassin given the task of breaking out the talents of his father from inside of him, and making him one of the best assassins in the world. This evening, Gibson's life is going to change forever, and here are the moments it does just that.

The clip looks really action packed, and despite the clips and suggestions that this might look and feel a little too much like the Night Watch series from the director Timur Bekmambetov, it actually has ended up having its own identity, if this clip is anything to go by, and being very American in feel.

I can't help but find James McAvoy's accent strange because I'm expecting him to speak with a strong Scottish accent like myself, apart from that this looks like a full on action adventure. My only real reservation is the huge diversion in direction this story took from the Millar comic series. Perhaps that's actually a strength.

Here's the clip for Wanted found through Latino Review and Film.nl but in a bigger size:

What do you think then? Is this going to turn out to be a cracking film?



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