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Wanted,Sin City sequel rumours

AngelinaJolie.jpgTwo sequel rumours in one go, one for Wanted and the other for Sin City. One of the stars of Wanted has hinted that a sequel may be in the plans, and Angelina Jolie has given a vague indication that she would like a role in Sin City 2.

No surprises about Sin City 2, it's been talked about for a while. Not sure what a Wanted sequel would be like though, if they've covered the comic books in the first film.

First up, Terence Stamp who plays Pekwarsky has said that a sequel is already being planned for Wanted. He says on MTV Movies Blog that although his character isn't a huge part of Wanted, the idea is that he will be a big part of a sequel:

I play a character who’s called Pekwarsky, he’s an enigmatic character who doesn’t feature a lot in the first one, but it’s something that’s written for a sequel.

So if they cover the comic books in the first film, would they consider a second film based on all new material? How will Mark Millar feel if they decide to continue on, even though there is no comic book material to base it on? I suppose if they bring him on to write it, then he might be pretty happy. Would you be happy with a Wanted sequel that is based on all new material?

Next up is Sin City 2, much talked about but not yet made. Both Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have had other fish to fry. Angelina Jolie has long been linked with the role of Ava Lord in the sequel. Rosario Dawson once suggested that filming had been resheduled as Jolie was pregnant. Now MTV Movies Blog have asked Jolie about what she thinks of a potential role in Sin City 2:

I don’t know. I found the first ‘Sin City’ impressive, but I don’t know what they’re going to do with the next one to make [it] as original as the first one. I think [Frank Miller's] a genius. I’d be curious [if offered].

With Sin City 2 to revolve around the "manipulative, conniving, fatally gorgeous" Eva Lord, I reckon Jolie would be perfect. Get a move on and ask the woman. What about you, do you think would Jolie fit the bill?



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