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War Heroes becoming a film?

WarHeroes.jpgAnother one of Mark Millar's comic book could be turned into a film. War Heroes is the next one to be getting attention from studios. Mark Millar says he's has a few offers to turn it into a film.

With Wanted already out, and talk of a sequel already, Millar is a popular guy at the minute. It doesn't show signs of letting up either.

Mark Millar was speaking while promoting Wanted, and said that War Heroes is a cross between Full Metal Jacket and X-Men. With the US under attack from terrorists the US government offers superpowers to people who join the army. Unsurprisingly some less savoury characters sign up.

Mark Millar seems to be getting into film versions of his books. Not all comic book writers have been so happy about seeing their property become films. But there isn't a shortage of Mark Millar comic books becoming films at the minute. Wanted is out already, and Kick-Ass is currently in the hands of Matthew Vaughn. War Heroes could be the next in line.



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