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Weinsteins make films into musicals

HarveyWeinstein.jpgThe Weinstein Company are planning on bringing films to Broadway. They have been producing award winning plays for a few years now, and they are planning on making musicals out of some of their films.

The other week Richard and I were joking about a musical of Escape from Alcatraz. I can't remember why, other than the fact we were looking at photographs of his honeymoon, along with his wife. Turns out we weren't too far off the mark, when it comes to movies ending up on stage. Not Escape from Alcatraz yet, but we can but hope...

The Weinstein Company have long been involved in the theatre world, mostly as producers. But now they are planning on bringing their considerable film clout to the stage. Variety say they have plans to turn some of their films into musicals.

First up will be Finding Neverland, the story of the inspiration behind Peter Pan. They also intend on making musicals of Shakespeare in Love, Chocolat, Cinema Paradiso and Shall We Dance. The Weinsteins are no strangers to turning musicals into films, with Miramax brining us the film version of Chicago, and The Weinstein Company involved in bringing us Nine by Rob Marshall. Harvey Weinstein thinks it's time they tried it the other way round, and made films into musicals:

Now it's time for us to really take the lead on things. We own all these properties that lend themselves to musicals.

He's also been talking to Juliette Binoche and Gwyneth Paltrow about the stage versions of Chocolat and Shakespeare in Love. With their film connections they could entice some great actors to their stage versions.

The Weinstein Company seem to be taking the lead in the least used cross over. We have had books to films, comic book to films, musicals to films, video games to films. Seems logical and typically opportunist of them. Would you be interested in stage versions of popular films? I think I'll wait for the Escape from Alcatraz musical...



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