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Will Smith/Tom Cruise to team up?

WillSmith.jpgWill Smith has been a popular guy in Hollywood over the last few years. And while promoting Hancock, he brought up the possibility that he would team up for a film with his friend Tom Cruise.

It looks like they've been thinking about it seriously. There must be a studio head drooling somewhere at the thought of that.

Will Smith is currently doing the rounds promoting Hancock, and he took the opportunity to say that he and Tom Cruise have been looking for a project to do together. Nothing has definitely grabbed them yet, but it sounds like it might just happen one day.

We've been looking at it. There's a couple possibilities. We're keeping it top secret, but we're sniffing around a couple things that I think would just be ridiculous.

Smith was talking to MTV Movies Blog, through getthebigpicture. I'm not such a big Tom Cruise fan since his couch jumping days. But Cruise and Smith together could be an amazing film. Not sure what form it would take though, any ideas?



I'd love to see them in a crime drama with director Michael Mann. But it would have to be different from Collateral. Maybe do a real Miami Vice film.

I don't think he'd do another Miami Vice film. Tell you what though, those two teamed up in a thriller would be great as they are both fantastic actors.

What are the chances though?


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