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Win When Evil Calls on DVD

WhenEvilCalls.jpgAnother competition on Filmstalker, this week you really are getting spoiled. This one is for another British comedy horror film called When Evil Calls. It stars such names as Sean Pertwee, Chris Barrie, Lois Winstone (daughter of Ray), Sean Brosnan (son of Pierce), some lovely models and the well known writer Shaun Hutson.

The story is a bizarre one. When a door falls out of the sky in front of a student a clown appears and grants her one wish via text message should she pass the message on to two other people. She does, and chaos ensues among the students.

It sounds pretty wild, and was the first horror series that was made for the mobile phone, you could download each episode and follow it live on your mobile device. Now though it's available on DVD and I have four DVD's to give away! Yes, four!

Here's the trailer for When Evil Calls:

The competition will close on Friday 20th of June 2008 and it's open to all those resident in the UK. Here's the question:

What would you say when evil calls?

Just email me at this address (competition@filmstalker.co.uk) with the answer and your full postal address. The winners are selected at random by me and the winners addresses will be passed to the press company in order to send the prizes to you. Good luck!

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