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Wiseman to direct Gears of War

LenWiseman.jpgLen Wiseman has been confirmed as the director of the Gears of War film. Earlier this year one of the producers said they had a director ready to attach, and it's Wiseman who will be bringing Gears of War to the big screen.

Having racked up a fair few late night completing the game, and more than a few nightmares, I'd happily watch a film version.

Gears of War sees the Earth over run by The Horde, a rather unsavoury bunch of aliens. Including leeches, man I hated those. A team of elite soldiers fights to take back the planet. I loved the game, so much so Richard and I completed it twice!

Len Wiseman has been rumoured as the man who would direct the Gears of War film for a while. He's also respnsible for Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review) and Underworld. There was defintely no lack of action in Die Hard 4.0, that's for sure. I'm guessing a Gears of War film could go either way, if it has a big enough budget it will do the game justice. But the last thing I'd want to watch is a cheap rendition of The Horde in a bog standard action film.

For their part Epic Games who make it say that they want as good a film as possible. On Variety they say:

It's like with our games, you can have it right or have it right now. We want to get it right. There's no timetable for us. We just want to make as good a movie as we can, and we think (Wiseman's) the guy who will do it.

Well at least they aren't rushing it. This could just turn out to be one of the better videogame adapations. Have any of you played the game? Would you cough up to go and see a film version?



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