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10 remake?

BoDerek.jpgRemakes, remakes, remakes, hide them with other words if you want, but that's a huge part of Hollywood right now and it's not stopping, especially not with classic films. I just wrote about Papillon being remade, well now it's the turn of a classic comedy starring Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews and Bo Derek, 10.

Yes, that classic comedy with a fair splattering of real life from director Blake Edwards is to be remade for modern audiences, and that probably means more sex and body function jokes and a dumping of all the wry looks to real life.

The famous original 10 had some iconic scenes and moments, not least the scene of Bo Derek running across the beach or the hilarious making love to Bolero.

However there might be some hope for this one as Blake Edwards and Geoffrey Edwards are mentioned as producers by the article in Variety, hopefully Blake Edwards will be a producer in more than just name and paycheck.

Apparently the other producers, Ashok Amritraj, Patrick Aiello and Lou Pitt, spent a long time courting Edwards to get him to make the deal.

The plan now is to start searching for the leads, which sounds like they won't be signing a big name star for the seductive female. The question would be who would take over the roles of the mid-life crisis Dudley Moore character and Julie Andrews playing his battling wife.

I did love that film and also another mid-life crisis film that Edwards made, Skin Deep. They both touch on some very real and particularly difficult issues in life and adds some superb comedy to the story on the way.

The real question is can they remake this without dumbing down the observational side and losing what the classic was, and how do they possibly replace that cast?



Hey wouldn't it be great if Bo could play the Julie Andrews role? ;-)

Actually that's a cracking idea Morbius - someone get casting! Is she not too gorgeous for the role though?


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