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Anderson to play Gellhorn

GillianAnderson.jpgAlways one to pick her roles carefully, Gillian Anderson has taken matters into her own hands. She has bought the film rights to a biography of female war correspondent Martha Gellhorn.

The last I saw of her was in the great Last King of Scotland, and obviously she has The X Files: I Want to Believe on the way. This bio-pic sounds like a corker.

Gillian Anderson will be making a film of the biography Gellhorn: A Twentieth-Century Life, by Caroline Moorehead. Martha Gellhorn is considered one of the great war correspondents, and covered several major wars during her career. She reported on the Spanish Civil War, the rise of Adolf Hitler and World War II. She was also married to Ernest Hemingway, and was a friend of Eleanor Roosevelt.

She definitely lived a full life, and Anderson will be playing her in the film. Her production company Fiddlehead Prods will be making it, with Anderson producing. She had this to say about her new project on Variety:

Martha Gellhorn was one of the most respected journalists of this century, and I thought Caroline's biography effectively encompassed her rich and complex life.

Sounds like a great role for Gillian Anderson. I suppose if the roles you want aren't coming to you...



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