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Another Barker Books of Blood film

CliveBarker.jpgIt seems that you can't keep a good horror writer down as another Cliver Barker Books of Blood story is set to make it to the big screen, and this one is interesting because originally it's only a four page story.

Down, Satan! tells the story of Gregorious, a businessman with time and money on his hands who realises one day that his faith in his god has disappeared. It seems this makes him go quite mad, and he begins to worship his satan in an effort to bring his god back into his life.

It's strange logic, but you can kind of see it, and he is mad after all. Apparently he constructs his own version of hell in service to the devl, trying to see if his god would reappear and intervene. However his torture rooms are just getting fuller and fuller and neither his devil nor god are willing to appear.

All that in only four pages? Sounds great, and according to IGN through Latino Review Christopher Monfette from IGN DVD has been working on the script and with Clive Barker on trying to bring the story to the big screen.

Down Satan! will join The Midnight Meat Train and Books of Blood, the titular story from the collection of short stories, in progressing to the big screen, although so far it's only made the scripting stage, but it might not be too long before it starts production. According to Monfette the task of adapting four pages to a script wasn't easy, however I think it would give you much more freedom, the real problem would be presenting it to Mr Barker!

"It's not easy...But we found a way into the narrative that expands upon the ideas without stretching or distorting them. There's drama and horror and suspense and scale and if we've done our jobs, we should have something intensely original...Oh, and it'll also scare the [expletive] out of you."

Nice, sounds damn good, and an interesting story. I'm keen to get hold of Books of Blood (Filmstalker shops) considering how many tales are being adapted and how interesting this one sounds. Hopefully the film adaptation would hold strong to that idea of faith rather than just turning out a blood filled horror film.



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