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Another Sherlock Holmes film?

SashaBaronCohen.jpgIt seems as though Sherlock Holmes is going to be revisited once again. First we heard that Buy Ritchie is taking the story back to the big screen and today we hear that there's going to be a comedy version from Etan Cohen and starring a few big names already.

So are we fated to have one hard-ass Sherlock Holmes in a London gangster stylee, with another Sherlock Holmes being a slapstick prone, sex starved and sex/bodily function obsessed man? Seems so.

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit harsh, perhaps the Etan Cohen scripted film will provide something a little clever, but judging it by American comedies of late then we're in for people walking into things suddenly and by accident, jokes about bodily functions, and lot's of jokes about not making it sexually. Actually, is that almost every Ben Stiller film to date?

There are some good points though report Variety through Rope of Silicon, there's the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen will star as Sherlock Holmes and Will Ferrell as Doctor Watson, his companion. Now that does suggest something a little different to the Hollywood formula, and hopefully Judd Apatow won't be influencing the script much.

Going up against them will be Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes film, although we don't really know what stage either is at to know if they are going to be competing. Mind you, Ritchie's film is rumoured to be starring Robert Downey Jr, and that's a big draw.

Chances are that one of the studios will back down and let the other go first so that there's a decent gap between films, otherwise one will no doubt win and the other flop.

If they were going head to head my money would be on the Guy Ritchie one, merely because there would be some realism and grittyness in it. That said people like the American style comedy, so maybe that would win out. Which would you prefer, or would you want both?



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