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Anti-Muslim film sequel?

Book.jpgOn Monday Geert Wilders was cleared of trying to incite hatred of Muslims by the Dutch Ministry after the release of his film Fitna which strongly criticised the Koran.

Now the right wing politician is planning a sequel to the film which has been called anti-Muslim, not really a surprise since he is known to court controversy and the legal decision has fallen in his favour.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Wilders himself was not that concerned by the decision as he knew he had always stayed within Dutch law when making and releasing the film.

However that didn't stop some forty complaints being filed against the man by both Muslim and non-Muslim organisations after the film was released on the Internet, presumably because no production company would release it.

Indeed I previously wrote about the fact that the Netherlands had raised their national risk level to "substantial" after the film was released on the Internet, no Dutch broadcasters were willing to show it. There I wrote about how…

"The word Fitna is Arabic and is often translated as strife, but more to the point Wilders is a right-wing politician who has previously called the Koran a facist book that incites violence, he even believes that it should be banned."

At the time the Pakistani Foreign Ministry accused the Dutch politician of propagating hate and promoting xenophobia, and when the film was released on the Internet the complaints came rolling in.

Now that he's been cleared I can't see anything in the way of him making another film. The question really is though, should he be stopped? Is Fitna really that controversial and dangerous a film? Has anyone actually seen it and can comment on the content - does it really promote hatred of Muslims or is it pointing the finger at the misuse or misinterpretation of the text to justify violence as some say?



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