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Asimov’s Foundation film

Foundation.jpgIsaac Asimov's Foundation looks set to become a film as the two producers who were behind New Line are working on the adaptation of the science fiction novel.

Foundation is based on Asimov's Foundation trilogy which looks to a society that has discovered how to predict the future using a process called psychohistory. They create a body to research and protect this method and ensure its survival.

Just that short description alone tells you a lot about the story and suggests that it's going to be quite anti-establishment and organisation. According to the write up in The Hollywood Reporter it is quite politically charged.

The trilogy spans hundreds of years, multiple different characters, and talks of the rise and fall of civilisations, so it has always been viewed as a difficult project to adapt. However the producers, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, will attempt the first novel adaptation, and if that proves successful in the cinema then they may attempt the further two novels.

They have warned though that this won't be a quick project, and because of the complexity they'll spend a good amount of time developing it.

It's not the first time this has been attempted though, Fox has adapted the entire trilogy as one script and various names had been attached to the project in the past.

Foundation does seem a huge and ambitious project for the production pair, but they are keen to start as they mean to go on and concentrate on quality, not quantity.

I'm all for that, especially as the Isaac Asimov adaptations to date haven't been that strong. I, Robot and Bicentennial Man being the most well known.



Got to me one of my favourite sci fi series. I really hope they do a good job. Sci Fi on the big screen has a really chequered history. I still cringe at what has been done to Dune in the past. I almost wish they would just not try :)

I've linked to this post on CinemaMad.com. Hope it sends you some readers.

Unlike many comments one can read on the blogosphere, i personnaly think Emmerich is one of the best SciFi producer, and is really able to do a great job on asimov's masterpiece!

Producer, definitely, director?


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