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Batmobile at Silverstone Grand Prix

TheDarkKnight-Batmobile.jpgThe Panasonic Toyota Formula 1 Grand Prix team have an excellent film tie in with The Dark Knight this weekend as the marketing might of this film ploughs onward. They're bringing the Batmobile to the Silverstone race weekend.

Not only will it be there but it will race around the circuit and the team and cars will be kitted out in Dark Knight gear.

The Batmobile is four and a half metres long, three metres wide, and can supposedly leap some eighteen metres - I don't know whether that entails broken parts afterwards or not! - so it will be pretty spectacular to see it travelling around the Formula 1 circuit.

For all those with weekend passes, according to UpdateF1, the circuit will be made on Thursday side by side with the Toyota F1 car customised with its Dark Knight designs.

Both Panasonic Toyota cars will sport the designs, the drivers overalls will feature Dark Knight artwork, and the team motor home will also be in similar Dark Knight attire. I presume, as with the Red Bull tie in with Superman Returns at Monaco and the one with Star Wars, that the team will also be sporting Dark Knight gear, but we'll have to wait and see.

The great thing is that despite the Batmobile racing around the track on Thursday, it will be on display all weekend for fans. Personally I think they should use it as the safety car during the opening parade lap, now that would be cool.

So if you're heading to Silverstone this weekend, or specially on Thursday, get some pictures of the Batmobile and the Dark Knight outfits and send them over.

Formula 1 certainly is becoming a showcase for studios who can afford the marketing, and they certainly do get a lot of instant worldwide coverage, the question is does it make any difference to you?



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