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Batmobile versus F1 car

TDK-Batmobile-ToyotaRace.jpgRemember I wrote that The Dark Knight's Batmobile would be at the Silverstone Formula 1 Grand Prix all weekend and that there would be a "race" of the circuit between it and a Panasonic Toyota F1 car? Well it happened, and the pictures are online to prove it.

Okay, they are having a laugh, it's clear which one's going to win...the Ferrari...oh no, the FIA aren't involved. - That's a cutting F1 joke if you're not into the sport!

Seriously though, if you are at Silverstone then you need to check out Panasonic Toyota, their overalls and the cars, there's going to be some Dark Knight advertising all over them. Then, of course, there's the Batmobile and the Batcycle (bike) which are going to be somewhere around the circuit for all to see and photograph.

What is amazing is how small the Batmobile is considering the size of the F1 car, but Jarno Trulli, one of the drivers for Panasonic Toyota, looks truly at home atop the Batcycle. You can see the photos below courtesy of motoring.co.za who have the images in these sizes, and far bigger sizes too so you can oggle at the detail on the vehicles.


Shouldn't that Batcycle be called a Batbike? After all he's not actually cycling on it is he? I can't see a pedal powered Batman myself. None the less the F1 driver Jarno Trulli looks like he's having a load of fun on that thing.

Meanwhile there are some even more interesting photos of the vehicles over at ZerCustoms with the Batmobile in for a pit stop and the F1 car beside both vehicles. Here they are in smaller sizes, and again head over to the main site for bigger and better photos.


I've seen the Panasonic Toyota livery for The Dark Knight promotion, and it's nothing special, the symbol will be on the wing sections and hardly taking over the car as Superman or Star Wars did with Red Bull. Still, if you're at Silverstone, get some cool photos of the cars and send them in!



Batmobile versus F1 car?!? Who won?


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