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BBC drama Second Sight in Hollywood

CliveOwen.jpgThe BBC drama series Second Sight is being made into a Hollywood film and the Lost series writer Craig Rosenberg is set to adapt it.

The show originally aired in 1999 on UK BBC Television and starred Clive Owen as DCI Ross Tanner investigating the brutal murder of a teenager. There are multiple suspects and the case is proving difficult, but Tanner is hiding the fact that he's losing his sight because he's become emotionally involved with the case and wants to find the murderer before he goes blind.

He does have one person he can turn to, his assistant, DI Catherine Tully. She may be his new and temporary partner, but she offers to be his eyes and together they'll keep quiet, solve the case, and in return she'll get a chunk of the credit.

Second Sight is an interesting story and a really unusual idea. With the news from The Hollywood Reporter that Craig Rosenberg is set to take his ingenious Lost writing skills to the project, I think we could find something rather unique and interesting coming out of it. Or at least I hope we do.

Meanwhile Rosenberg is also making his directorial debut on his own script of an apocalyptic mystery film called The Panopticon. It tells of a medical salesman who receives a strange videotape. When he watches it he sees himself giving a message that the world will end and telling himself that he must stop it.

Now both projects sound interesting and it seems as though Lost is propelling him to newer, and odder, heights.



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