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Berg directing Hercules

Hercules.jpgPeter Berg seems to be working harder than most at the moment, and he's picking up some strong projects. Not content with tackling the huge project of Dune, he's picked up directing duties on a new Hercules film.

The film will follow a recent five issue comic book of the character that gives the character fresh lease of life, not following the television series Hercules.

Although not much is known about the project, and I have no idea of the comic so I could use your help here to find out more, the script will be written by Ryan Condal based on Steve Moore's comic series.

Variety have a quote from Barry Levine, one of the producers, who says:

“What resonated for them was that this was character driven, about a character who’s more man than god, with conflicts and redemption...”

Okay so that doesn't tell us that much. Anyone read the comic and can comment?

The blurb from the official home of the comic is rather interesting and does promise a different take on the story.

It tells us that this takes place after Hercules has carried out his tasks for the gods and has lost his family. He's a dark and tormented soul that is world-weary and he turns his back on the gods and finds his solace in battle. He becomes a mercenary and finds solace with six others who are of like mind and heart. Together they fight for money for any cause. However the King of Thrace hires this group to train his own men to become the greatest army every, to become as bloodthirsy and as ruthless as they are, and in the process the band begin to realise just how far they have fallen.

Is this Hercules a character you really want to see on screen? Sounds like it could be rather good, and that it could even rival Conan, and with Peter Berg at the helm we could be in for something dark and strong, just like the character himself.



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