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Body of Lies trailer online

RidleyScott.jpgThe trailer for Body of Lies, the latest thriller from Ridley Scott, is online. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong and Carice Van Houten and is adapted by William Monahan from a novel by David Ignatius (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Ignatius wrote the novel from his newspaper story about CIA spy Roger Ferris who had an almost impossible mission to get inside a terrorist network, but he also has to win the backing of his CIA handler and the head of Jordanian intelligence, neither of whom can be trusted.

To infiltrate the network he plans an incredible ruse that was used by British intelligence during World War II, he creates a web of lies to make it seems as though there's a traitor within the network itself who has allied themselves with the CIA.

The trailer looks typical Ridley Scott and also promises strong performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, both of whom look like they're set to deliver pretty interesting characters. There's Mark Strong and Carice Van Houten co-starring and the superb directing talents of Ridley Scott handling a script from William Monahan, sounds good doesn't it?

Well the trailer sets the relationship up between DiCaprio and Crowe, but it's not too strongly done. I mean I think it looks good and I'm drawn to both actors, but the trailer isn't grabbing and me and it seems to be seeling it more on the actors than anything else.

Of course I'm sure there's a great story behind it and there's much more than just their relationship, but watching this I felt the story was more about a field agent getting set-up and dropped by his handler and then goes after the handler...perhaps the trailer's not as strong as I thought.

What do you think? The trailer is here in high resolution Quicktime and Windows Media Player, and you can see other sizes over at Coming Soon who placed it online.



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