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Bruce won't do Evil Dead without Raimi

TheEvilDead.jpgBruce Campbell has been caught on video talking plausibly and indeed positively about another Evil Dead film. However there's one big strong caveat, and he's keen to point out that it's going to be a long time coming.

Sam Raimi is that very caveat. If he's not in there then Bruce won't be back. However he does seem very positive that there is going to be another film, it just might be when they're old and grey.

He actually describes it as they'll be sitting in the home and Sam Raimi will give him a call and resurrect the film. What that immediately sprung to mind was a crossover between Bubba Ho-tep (Filmstalker review) and Evil Dead, now wouldn't that be cool!

Seriously though, Bruce Campbell does talk about why the film might not work, and why a bigger budget doesn't necessarily mean better. Can they really recreate that Evil Dead style now that they're all Hollywood?

HorrorMovies.ca, who link to the Entertainment Weekly video interview clip from Campbell over at Brightcove [Flash:Embed], point out that before now he's always been a quite definite no to any suggestion of another film.

Now he's at least saying that he'd only do it with Raimi to recreate that chemistry. Frankly every Evil Dead fan who wants another film should be thankful for that and should be hoping that this is the only way that another film will be made, otherwise they should let it rest.



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