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Clips 'n' Pics: Elegy and Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad) trailers, Avatar characters revealed

I've got the trailer for Elegy (Filmstalker review) which I saw at the Edinburgh International Film Festival not long ago, as well as the trailer for Elite Squad or Tropa de Elite (Filmstalker review), which I also caught there. Both films get great reviews and are well worth watching.

There's also the first picture of a character from Avatar that has appeared online, and although it's an outline on a T-shirt there's something to be seen.

First up the trailer for Elegy (Filmstalker review). It's a great film and you really should see it, superb performances from the leads and a wonderfully written and directed film which really grabs you emotionally. You can see the trailer over on Apple Trailers, which you can also see below:

Then there's the trailer for Tropa de Elite or Elite Squad (Filmstalker review), a strong thriller from Brazil that shows the Rio police in a very bad light, another film worth catching. This trailer can be seen over at Screen Rush [Flash:M:L], or you can watch it below:

Avatar.jpgFinally there's the first appearance of a character from James Cameron's Avatar. Okay the character is only in outline from a crew t-shirt, but it does give you a glimpse of what one of the aliens will look like, and over at MarketSaw, who have the story which I found through Latino Review, they're ripping it apart and analysing the image to see what it all means for the alien characters.



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