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Cohen for xXx sequel with Diesel?

RobCohen.jpgIt seems bizarre that Rob Cohen would even consider another xXx film and even crazier that it would be with Vin Diesel starring. Why? Well Cohen killed off the xXx character of Vin Diesel in order to pass on the role to the next xXx of Ice Cube, which was a pretty disastrous film to be honest.

Director and actor didn't really see eye to eye, and so it would seem a huge change of direction for both if Diesel wants back and Cohen is considering directing. How could they bring back a dead character?

Well there's the old prequel routine, just leap back in time before the death happened, or perhaps they'll just ignore the death, after all the filmed death was actually an extra on the DVD, although the death was mentioned in xXx: State of the Union.

I'm not sure how they'll do it, but it seems like it could be a possibility, a third xXx film with Vin Diesel returning to the role.

It seems, according to Hollywood.com, that Rob Cohen was rather positive about the whole idea:

“Joe Roth came to the dubbing stage [of the Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor] just last week and sat down and said, ‘I own all the rights to xXx. Vin wants to do another one would you be interested?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, if I can sit down with everybody and make sure the rules are set.’”

Now I presume that means the rules between him and Diesel, however it seems that things could well be mended as Cohen is taking quite a positive view.

“[Vin]s a different man. He’s been sobered by the ups and downs of a career and I think he now understands what a good synergy we had on the set and that he took for granted…I also appreciate what he brings to the table, which is quite a bit. It was just like we were young and foolish, what can I say – or he was young and I was foolish.”

Now that sounds like a very positive comment doesn't it? Especially considering it was Cohen who wanted to kill off Diesel's character in the first place as he reveals:

“You mean when I blew his scalp off?...Never has a director gotten so much revenge on an actor. [laughs]…I was so angry by the time we got back from the press tour that when Sony came to me and said…’We are going to have a new one. We want you to shoot a scene that passes the torch.’ I said, ‘Hell with passing the torch, let’s kill him.’ Now I’m a little embarrassed by that, but I just laugh because it was just out of anger.”

Would you want to see another xXx? Personally I would, the first one was entertaining and Diesel was pretty good as the character. Plenty of stunts and action and very entertaining with an interesting cast. Yeah I could see another one.



This is PERFECT! I first fell inlove with Vin on xXx and boycotted the Ice Cube farce. Vin Diesel IS xXx period. I'm so glad he and Cohen (who truly is a brillant director) are working things out. I'm sure it will be wonderful!


I had the pleasure of seeing Vin's first film, Strays, and what a surprise - he's a writer, producer (real producer, not a Hollywood credit!), and director, and the writing genuinely surprised me.

I've seen a different dimension to him. However I'd still love to see him back as xXx.


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