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Comments, spam and captcha

Hi everyone. You'll no doubt have noticed the increased amount of spam over this month, I certainly have as I've tried to clear it out every day, add in new filters, and trawl through the hundreds of spam comments a day to make sure I'm not losing a legitimate one.

Well it's been proving far too much work and I've been missing peoples comments that are being junked by various spam filters, so I've had to introduce a comments captcha system.

I'd like to know what you think of it, whether it works or not for you, and how it affects your interaction with the site.

I do realise that it's an added step in the process and that sometimes you have to refresh the captcha, but it is a strong way to stop the spam that's been hitting the site, and it frees me up to do some other things.

Filmstalker-Captcha.jpgHere's a screen shot of the new captcha system between the comment text section and the Preview/Post buttons.

The first thing you'll see are the two big words which you have to type into the small box below it. It isn't that hard to read them but if you can't, don't worry, there are options.

The three red icons to the right of the area where you type in the response are buttons, the top one is a refresh button, hit that and you get two new words. The middle one is to switch to sound, which I actually found harder, but whatever suits you best. The last button pops up a help window.

Do let me know your comments, either here or, if you can't leave a comment or don't want to, on Facebook, Twitter or Plurk, all of which you can see in the contact section on the right hand side column, just hit the F, P or T symbols and you'll be away.

Many thanks, and again apologies for having to install it, but the spam was just getting out of hand and the attacks so random they were difficult to stop.




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