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Craig playing Roman Hadrian

DanielCraig.jpgDaniel Craig is set to continue to diversify his career as he takes up the role of the famous Roman leader Hadrian in the film Memoirs of Hadrian, the Roman Emperor famous for creating the wall between Scotland and England.

It seems to carry with it a little controversy, for the media anyway, as the story shows Hadrian as a bisexual and falling for a teenage Greek boy.

The film is to be directed by John Boorman, the legendary director responsible for films such as Hope and Glory, The Emerald Forest, Excalibur, Exorcist II: The Heretic, Zardoz, Deliverance, Hell in the Pacific and Point Blank.

It is adapted from Marguerite Yourcenar's novel of the same name which follows his early political career through to his building of the famous wall in the form of a letter that Hadrian writes to his young successor.

The story from FreshNews tells us that the plot also includes Hadrian having an affair with a young Greek teenager Antinuos which results in his wife refusing to give him any children.

Controversial maybe, but it's another great move by Daniel Craig, not only to diversify his own acting career but also to move further and further away from the Bond character.



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