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Craven on Scream 4

WesCraven.jpgIt seems that Scream 4 will be going ahead, well the moves are happening to bring it forward anyway, and Wes Craven could well be involved.

The director of the original three films has revealed that he's talking with the company who helped destroy his Cursed film, and that there's an interesting choice of writer on board.

Speaking at Comic-Con through MTV Wes Craven reveals that:

"There has been talk between Bob Weinstein and me about doing another ‘Scream.’...I don’t know whether that’s been made public so I’ll deny this. I never said it!"

Well that sounds like it is moving forward, but he reveals something even more interesting, the writer for the project would be Kevin Williamson, the writer for the first two Scream films, and a combination that Craven says the Weinstein's like.

I'm personally up for another Scream, on the whole they do bring something a little more exciting and clever to the slasher and horror genres, as well as some fun on the way. However at the fourth one isn't the idea getting a little old? Wouldn't people have moved on from Sidney and left her alone?

I hope that they don't go with the idea of her being the killer in the end, turning to what has affected her four times in her life now, a copycat stalker or stalkers.

What do you think about another Scream, and what could they do differently and will the Weinstein's entice both the director and writer of their doomed Cursed? You have to admit that the idea of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson back on board would make it a lot more worthwhile.



God, has anyone watched the Scream films lately? They don't hold up in the least. The sequels are unwatchable. Wes Craven hasn't done anything of relevance since 1984, when the first Elm Street came out. Red Eye? Vomit. Cursed? Atrocious. I can't imagine anyone getting excited about another Scream film.

I enjoyed them at the time, but like you say not so good watching them back again. Plus the last one kind of wrapped it up nicely.

I'm sorry but I love these film. I have the box set and watch them quite often. I would love a 4th film and hope they can get as many original charracters back as possible.
The story is done with Sid, but she can be in the film without having to be the killers target.


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