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Cusack Sues For Stopping Power Fee

JohnCusack.jpgI'm really not sure where the Jan De Bont action film Stopping Power is. Last we heard was that the film had been cancelled, for the second or third time, because they'd run out of money. For the full history of it all just choose the “Stopping Power” tag at the bottom of the story and you'll see everything written about it.

However it seems to be staying cancelled due to lack of funding, and there'll be an even bigger funding failure after John Cusack is finished with it as he sues for his pay deal from the film.

Stopping Power was to star John Cusack, Jason Isaacs and Melissa George, an interesting cast indeed. The idea was that he, his girlfriend and daughter are heading off on holiday and are about to hit the German autobahn, however the RV he's driving is stolen with his girlfriend and daughter inside. He's forced to help the criminal evade the police by acting as a decoy and getting the police off his tail.

Sounds a cool story, and I'm really unsure why the film wouldn't get the backing, particularly considering the big star cast and how much better it sounds than some of the drivel coming out of Hollywood.

However it hasn't and The Hollywood Reporter through Empire is reporting that the star to be, John Cusack, has now raised a law suit to sue for his “pay or play” deal, which usually means that the star gets signed on before the film is secured with a deal saying that whether it gets made or not they get the money.

Looks like this film will not get made now, unless someone leapt in and covered the missing funds, and also made sure that Cusack received his fee, which sounds like it could be considerable considering the law suit is for some five and a half million dollars. Perhaps if it had been lowered they might have been able to make the film, or if they had replaced the lead...I wonder what the other headlining stars were earning and if they had similar deals or not.



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