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Dark Knight writer talks Batman 3

TheDarkKnight.jpgOne of the guys behind the ideas in The Dark Knight has been talking about the possibility of a third film, and while Christopher Nolan might be holding off on a decision about it for now, it seems that he and David S. Goyer have been talking about an idea for the next film.

Batman 3 could well be on the cards according to Goyer who reveals that they've been discussing themes and villains already.

There's no real surprise of course, with it beating all the box office expectations in the U.S. and other films it's up against the studio are bound to be interested in pursuing another one, and definitely with the team that are on it already, and remember that Christian Bale has the provision for three films in his contract.

While talking to MTV through Total Film David S. Goyer said that a third film would be a big proposition and topping the second would be very difficult, something I agree with because they've already covered the biggest and best villain for Batman and they really couldn't bring him back on screen so soon without Heath Ledger could they?

Goyer admits that he and Christopher Nolan have talked about the idea of a third film loosely, so bear that in mind, however they have been talking, and he revealed that they have a theme in mind and quite possibly a villain, but they won't reveal it just yet.

“I have one...But I’m not going to tell you. Chris is very particular about that.”

He does go on to say though that it isn't certain for a third, ensuring that we all trump up cash to go see the second one and try and persuade them – frankly I don't think the film needs any pushing like that now.

“I do think, though, that if there’s not a third film – these two movies stand on their own...I think it could go either way.”

Either way? I haven't had a chance to see The Dark Knight as yet, hopefully I will on Wednesday night, but from what I've been reading it's a superb film without flaws, and possibly the best Batman film ever.

Personally I see what Goyer is talking about even before I've seen the film, the reviews for this are astounding, box office takings reflect the feeling with the public, and with the best ever villain pitching against Batman, how could they top it? Really?

Perhaps they could attempt the actual Dark Knight Returns story? Maybe they could bring in another villain to try and top Joker, but who? What do you think they could possibly do to top The Dark Knight?



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