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Del Toro remaking Afraid of the Dark

GuillermodelToro.jpgGuillermo del Toro is set to produce another film that sees a young girl, with a parent remarrying, encounter strange and sinister monsters. However in this tale the monsters live underneath her stairs, so there are a few differences from previous films.

The film is actually a remake of the television film Don't Be Afraid of the Dark which has received cult status after it's airing in 1973.

Guillermo del Toro and Miramax are remaking the film with Del Toro adapting Nigel McKeand's original screenplay with his writing partner from Mimic, Matthew Robbins.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the story follows a young girl, sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend, who discovers sinister creatures that live underneath the stairs. They already warn us that we can expect an "upscale creature feature" - oh I hate terms like those - along the same lines as Pan's Labyrinth (Filmstalker review).

However del Toro will not be directing, it will be Troy Nixey making his debut as director, Nixey previously wrote and directed a short film as well as illustrating the Batman and Matrix comics and writing and illustrating for Dark Horse Comics.

It's another director that del Toro is building up and pulling to the fore, and Nixey sounds like an interesting choice to helm a film. However is this just more of the same from del Toro with an excuse to create more monsters?



Don't be afraid of the Dark, creeped me out so badly as a child.

The addition of the little girl seems very unnecessary. The original works because its a grown woman seeing these things.


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