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Diary of the Dead 2?

DiaryoftheDead.jpgI do think George A. Romero is highly overrated these days, and his Diary of the Dead proved that to me. Despite that, it seems as though there's going to be a sequel, and why not, audiences are lapping this rubbish up.

The word is that it's almost certain that Diary of the Dead 2 is moving forward, and that's very bad news considering how poor was.

I gave the film a poor review, it was unsubtle, unscary, formulaic, and poorly copied from other films, it really didn't work. Interestingly I'm looking back on George A. Romero's directing career and I have to head back to 1985's Day of the Dead to find something I enjoyed watching, even then you might have to go back to 1982 for Creepshow for something good. Okay, I am missing a few films on the way that I haven't seen.

Honestly I don't believe he's half the talented individual he was, or rather he's not showing that on screen, not since the days of his original zombie films. Of course you're free to argue, but showed just how bad it's become.

Now, according to Dread Central through AITH, he's going to be making the sequel, and unless he kicks it into high gear and regains his talents of over twenty years ago and more, I think we're in for another poor film that only appeals to the zombie genre fans who'll sit in cinemas and applaud when a rubbery head gets ripped open and thick tomato sauce pours out.

Eric, I'm with you 100%, you're not being a idiot, you're being honest and not being blinded by what Romero stood for in horror, particularly zombie horror. Okay, he still does, but not for his latest work.

Come on, are you really wanting to see a Diary of the Dead 2?



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