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DiCaprio on The Twilight Zone?

TwilightZone.jpgSeems like there could be another Twilight Zone film as Leonardo DiCaprio's production company head out seeking script ideas for another film.

However this request that's been released sounds like they aren't going for the episodic style of the original and rather looking for one large Twilight Zone story that'll make it to a whole feature.

I'm glad that they aren't looking to recreate that previous formula as I don't think it would really work, unless there was some clever pitch out there that managed to tie the stories together with some MacGuffin as Pulp Fiction did. Now that could work.

However according to The Hollywood Reporter (no link given) through Yahoo News the request has gone out for pitches and story ideas for one complete film.

Yet there's something missing here, if it's a film about a single episode, surely that's a film about that one story and there's nothing about the Twilight Zone in there. Then it's just a film version of a television episode.

The Twilight Zone was a television series that ran from 1959 to 1964 originally with over a hundred and fifty-five episodes released, it came back for a film version, Twilight Zone: The Movie some twenty-five years later and retained an episodic feel with the film being sliced into segments with a different director helming each, those directors being Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller and Steven Spielberg.

Although I never saw it I think I'm right in saying it also came back for a new series in 2002, but never lasted longer than a few episodes.

So with all the outings to date being short stories linked together by a creepy narrator who represented the Twilight Zone and made the connection between each, won't one film just become another science fiction film?

While that's not a bad thing, it's not The Twilight Zone.



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