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Director dropped from Punisher: War Zone?

LexiAlexander.jpgThere's a rumour going about, and a very unsubstantiated one, that the current director of Punisher: War Zone, Lexi Alexander, has been removed from the production by Lionsgate.

It seems rather far into the production for something like that, but if the rumour is to be belived then Alexander has been removed and Lionsgate are making some big changes to the film.

Again I'll say, if this is true, then Lionsgate are making classic blunders where so many other studios have with films that directors have made and the executives have been unhappy enough with to sack the director and then hack to bits what's left. It never works.

Of course, and once more if this story is true, there could indeed be a strong reason for Lionsgate removing Lexi Alexander from the production, but I do believe that the fans should be told why, especially on a film that has such a strong fan base waiting for it in anticipation.

The story from AICN tells us that at the Comic-Con panel for Punisher: War Zone Gale Anne Hurd said that Alexander was on honeymoon and couldn't attend. Which is fine. However AICN think that's a cover story and she's off the film.

They mentioned that the footage that they saw at Comic-Con looked fantastic, but the terrible music and scratched images lacking post production suggested it was a bit cobbled together. It was then that one of their inside sources contacted them and told them the story that Lexi Alexander was out and under a non-disclosure clause.

In the meantime Lionsgate are leaping in and making changes. They've dumped the composer and thrown in a hardcore thrash soundtrack, and you can imagine what else will be done to the film inside the editing room.

So if the rumour is true, and expect to hear denials from Alexander after her honeymoon if it isn't, then we should really be hearing what the plan is next for the film and how they're going to produce something decent from it. We should also hear what's wrong with the film that Alexander was producing. Fans beware, the studio execs are going crazy.

If you're wondering what that footage looks like you can head to the previous story on Filmstalker, but be warned it reveals a hell of a lot of death scenes from the film.



Interesting, her official website seems to pulled away all Punisher related stuffs too ..


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