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District 9, Halo second best

District9.jpgSome information has appeared online regarding the film District 9 which will be directed by Neill Blomkamp from a script he co-wrote with Terri Tatchell.

Although little is known about the film so far, the appearance of some images and content rich viral sites tells us rather a lot, and suggests that we're going to see something akin to Alien Nation.

Looking through the sites we find that aliens are living in a sectioned off area of a city, District 9, and they live under strict rules. The sites D-9.com and Multi-National United tell us a lot about the interactions of humans and the aliens, such as:

  • They are issued identification tags by this organisation Multi-National United (MNU) who enforce a database containing the details of each
  • MNU put aliens, or non-humans, under strict surrveillance and have access to their medical records
  • They cannot own property
  • They can be evicted
  • They cannot possess non-terrestrial technology
  • They cannot operate vehicles or public transport
  • They cannot buy more than ten litres of fuel per month
  • They can work in mining only, don't get sick pay
  • Restaurants don't have to serve them
  • They are restricted from small public places, and in large public spaces must sit in designated areas or "viewing zones"
  • Trespassing outside District 9 is "grounds for on-site exterination or indefinite detention"
  • They must keep a fifty meter distance from humans
  • No sexual relations with humans
  • They cannot use hospitals
  • Humans cannot come into contact with their tendrils or body fluids
  • They produce eggs that must also be registered, if not they will be destroyed by the MNU
  • They cannot use drugs or alcohol
  • Their occupational status is stamped on their head
  • They have no courts and punishment is at the discretion of the MNU
  • They cannot access the Internet except for permitted sites
  • They cannot gather in groups of more than twenty
  • They cannot travel in groups of more than six
  • They cannot vote nor join a union
  • They cannot stand within ten meters of human restaurants
  • No extraterrestrial organic matter is allowed to be owned, sold or grown on MNU property
  • Spacecraft debris must be handed over immediately
  • Humans need a permit to enter District 9
  • They cannot express themselves creatively

However there are also rules for humans too, although they aren't as restrictive, they're still there.

Other areas of the site tell us that humans, and in particular the MNU, are going to begin reverse engineering the technology from the aliens and plan to build spaceships to take people to Mars and beyond.

There's a lot of information designed to temper the non-humans and make them easier to deal with. It also seems that there are various terrorist attacks occuring in the non-human transport areas.

It all sounds really interesting, and the cool sites setup a great feeling already about the film. Sure there are some heavy feelings of Alien Nation in the story outline, but there's much more to come.

You can see some production design images from AITH who carried the link to the sites.

To me this sounds really interesting already, especially when you take some time to read through the content on the sites. It certainly sounds better than the failed Halo project already.



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