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Doomsday on DVD and Blu-ray

Doomsday.jpgThe official specifications for Doomsday (Filmstalker review) on DVD and Blu-ray have appeared online, and while there are loads of extras including a new unrated cut of the film, there's only an extra four minutes added to the running time.

I am hoping that there's new footage and a good few cuts so that the film is a somewhat different experience with the running time just increasing a little.

Here are the full specs for the DVD which is to be released on 29th July:

Running Time: 1 Hour 49 Minutes (Theatrical), 1 Hour 53 Minutes (Unrated) Layers: Dual Layer (AWS & FF) Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (AWS), 1.33:1 (FF) Languages: English, Spanish (Standard Definition only) Subtitles: English, Spanish, French Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

ANATOMY OF CATASTROPHE: CIVILIZATION ON THE BRINK -Writer/Director Neil Marshall takes you inside the making of Doomsday. Meet the enormous cast and crew, experience the challenges and endurance it takes to bring a film of this massive scale to the screen and break down how all of the major stunts, explosions and fight sequences were executed.

THE VISUAL EFFECTS OF DOOMSDAY - Meet the visual effects wizards and see how they collaborated with Director Neil Marshall to achieve his vision in creating the compelling sets that couldn't be built but were instead created by computer.

FEATURE COMMENTARY (UNRATED VERSION ONLY) - Filmmaker Neil Marshall and cast members Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Rick Warden and Les Simpson.


I'm slightly confused by what AWS and FF means in the article by fi-sci.com, am I just missing something obvious there? Does AWS mean the first disc and FF the second?

Then there are the Blu-ray specifications from the same source.

Running Time: 1 Hour 49 Minutes (Theatrical), 1 Hour 53 Minutes (Unrated) Layers: Dual Layer BD-25 Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Languages: English Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

EXCLUSIVE U-CONTROL: Go Beyond the movie and customize you own hi-def experience.

REAPER VIRUS FILES - While you watch the movie, crack open top-secret DD intelligence files.

PICTURE IN PICTURE - Access interactive cast and crew interviews and behind the scenes footage, all without interruption to the movie experience.

TECH SPECS - Get in-depth technical specs on the film's awesome Bentley and outrageous weapons as you see them in action.

Now I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the audio not being in any form of HD and only showing as DD 5.1. However I do like the in film extras which look like it could add a lot of extra content. I also assume that everything that is on the DVD release will also be on the Blu-ray version.

I wasn't a great fan of the film, despite being a fan of Neil Marshall's work, and you can see why in the review on site. That's why I'm a bit disappointed that there seems only to be four additional minutes, I had thought that there was going to be a much longer cut that made the film seem less choppy.



Just wondering if you ever found out what ASW and Ff stand for? I am trying, without much success, to find this information.

Oh, I forgot about that, my apologies.

I think AWS means Anamorphic Wide Screen and FF means Full Frame.


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