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Duchovny defends X-Files

DavidDuchovny.jpgDavid Duchovny has been speaking out about X-Files: I Want to Believe film, defending the move away from the standard X-Files mythology and revealing that, if this was a successful film, they might make a third one that goes back to what the fans know and love.

Well if that doesn't sound like blackmail and excuses to go and see a film I don't know what does. "This isn't what fans want, but if you go see it we might make another that you do want"...and can you see Gillian Anderson coming back for another one?

On his blog he says the following

...as for the movie itself---there is no way we can satisfy all the people all the time. there are just too many fans with too many secret wishes, too many wanting too many things---and that's the good news. without all of you wanting this or that from the show, we wouldn't still have the pleasure of making it for you. but i can say this---i am pleased by the movie as is chris, frank, gillian and everybody who has seen it. it's smart, scary, has a lot of the old mulder scully thing and takes us back into a world that we missed. there won't be some of this and there won't be some of that---but there will be a lot of satisfaction. i really feel that in pleasing ourselves, we will have pleased you.

I think I feel a little bit used and dirty after that last statement...

i think if this movie does well, that will make it possible to do more x files films and those in turn would definitely swing back into the whole mythology area. it's just that this first time out after a long break, we didn't want to alienate, no pun intended, any folks who might feel they had to study up in order to understand what's going on in the movie. i think you get the wisdom of that. more later.

Actually I don't get the wisdom of that at all. Not one bit. I can see the business, cold hard cash sense of the studio trying to market the film to as many audience members as possible, but for X-Files fans, and those who would like to see some form of completion to the entire alien conspiracy theory running through the series and the first film, it doesn't make sense. Market, market, market. Dollar, dollar, dollar.

As for a third film, I really don't see Gillian Anderson coming back for a third film when by all accounts it took so much for her to return to a second, and she's the one that's been getting some strong film work in the background before this. I think she'll be far too happy doing smaller films after X-FIles: I Want to Believe to come back for another. Perhaps we'll see a lead changeover as per the series?

You can read the entire blog posting from David Duchovny on his official blog through Meh at HorrorMovies.ca.



'' Actually I don't get the wisdom of that at all. Not one bit.''

Are you kidding me? It was the smartest thing they could have done under the circumstances. Resolving the mytharc needs a big budget and 35 mill is not going to cover it. Therefore attracting a new audience with this film and hopefully getting substantial box office is the incentive here, quite apart from Carter's artistic vision. Besides, the MOTW episodes were often the best. It's what the X-Files were built on, after all.

As for Gillian Anderson's participation, you should really do some research before you trot out the same ol' tired statement. She was more than happy to return to the role and will be in the future. Try reading an interview with her of late. There's one in the UK Empire mag with her and Duchovny.

It's called 're-search' for a reason.

Well Calraigh I'm not kidding, that's why I wrote it. I'm sure you've got a different viewpoint all written up on your site.

I don't know what the word re-search is, but I do know the word research, and there has been plenty done. On, and I don't read Empire.

Of course she was happy, she's getting tons of money and she has to advertise the film. Her viewpoint hasn't been so positive before, I'm not saying she hated it, but she's not been interested until now. I doubt she'll want to do another one.

You know film is subjective, as is television, and you prefer the non-alien aspect of the series, I prefer the alien aspect of both the series and the entire film.

Call me old fashioned, but when I'm led along one path, I kinda like to see where it goes rather than just being yanked away and shown something different.

Hi Richard and Calraigh. You both raise valid points IMO. I happen to think the decision to film a MOTW was very smart. Anderson could not afford not to participate in the sequel: she always said she would do it without hesitation - call it loyalty to fans, loyalty to the franchise, or loyalty to her iconic character: without Scully there's simply no X-Files and it's a character worth revisiting, especially since the producers took into account the passage of time.

I'm sure she will appear in X-Files 3, too. if she's free in 2010. But I'm always much more excited about the non-XF stuff she does and she has amassed many fascinating film projects, and an all-time theatre classic next spring. It's cool to be a fan of Anderson.



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