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Felon trailer online

ValKilmer.jpgFelon is a film I'd never heard of until I caught the trailer online. It stars Val Kilmer, Stephen Dorff, Sam Shepard, Harold Perrineau, Nick Chinlund, Marisol Nichols and Anne Archer, so it's a pretty interesting and diverse cast, but it's Dorff and Kilmer that caught my eye.

The story is that a family man has been convicted of killing an intruder into his home and he's sentenced to time in a violent prison. There he has to find a side of himself he doesn't know or like, and do some unimaginable things just to survive.

Felon looks pretty interesting stuff, and possibly just for the fact that Val Kilmer is there giving a character performance, something that looks like it could turn out something special. Stephen Dorff can turn out some strong performances too, so it'll be interesting to see how they relate to each other as it seems that they make some form of connection on the inside.

The other cast look interesting too, a mix of some television actors and established names. Could this be one of those little known films that pulls out a good crowd?

Ric Roman Waugh wrote and directed the film, he's more known for his stunts than anything although he has been writer and director on one other film, with two other writing credits and one other directing credit. Nothing that I instantly recognised, although he did write the videogame Shadow Ops: Red Mercury, and that does ring a bell.

Have a look at the trailer for Felon over at Row Three [Flash:Embed] and see what you think.



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