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Friday 13th remake script reviewed

Friday13th_Poster.jpgThere's a short script review for the Friday the 13th remake online, and while we can't fully verify the source, we can read it and see what we think, I have, and from what the writer says it's a good script and possibly a good film.

The most notable thing about it is that there's no great attempt to modernise the story and alter what made it successful originally – a mad psychotic bloke running around killing people.

From reading the review it seems that there's no huge attempt to explain Jason and delve into what makes him tick, and there's no attempt to soften it up for audiences. No, this appears to be a full on slasher film, in the style of the original Friday the 13th films.

Well, depending on a director and editor, so far it sounds like it's heading in the right direction.

“Things are very routine for the first 30 pages as we are introduced to the latest batch of well-toned meat for Jason’s grinder. There’s WHITNEY, our virginal hero. LAWRENCE, our token black guy. And a slew of other one dimensioners that aren’t the least bit important…at least until they die. Yada. Yada. Yada. It isn’t long until a very lively Jason makes his appearance by hacking his way through tents, suvs, cabins (and just about everything else), leaving a graveyard of bodies in his wake...

...And that’s basically the set up of the film. It’s about as simple as kindergarten math, but it works.”

What really sounds interesting is the excitement in the guys typing when he talks about the death scenes.

“If done right, the deaths presented on the pages of the script will undoubtedly go down as some of the grisliest of the genre. Every bit of graphic detail is described (right down to the strands of sinew that are plucked from the spine of a severed spine) and the sense of brutality and power associated with each offing backs up Jason’s standing as cinema’s most experienced butcher.”

Over at the script review that Beyond Hollywood have, the writer tells us that the Jason from this Friday the 13th seems to be fashioned from a mixture of the first and third films, and although he receives some serious retaliations and he seems to have unstoppable strength, he isn't portrayed as supernatural in any way.

Oh, and there are some great chase scenes. Who could argue with that then? It sounds like this new Friday the 13th film, the remake and don't let anyone tell you different, is looking good and keeping to the original.

However a word to the wise, this is on paper. We still have a director to adapt that for the screen, and the pressure of studios could do anything to it, so it may be written well, but anything could happen now. At worst studio pressure, rewrites, and a poor director choice could turn this all around, at best it remains as close to the original and this script as possible, but what are the chances?



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