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Update: Friday 13th trailer still online

Friday13th_Poster.jpgThe trailer for the remake of Friday 13th by Michael Bay is online, and I'm rather impressed.

While it's grainy, slightly out of focus, and won't be online for long, it's a good glimpse of what we might expect, and if the trailer is a real indication of the film, it looks brutal and damn scary.

I'm surprised that the Friday the 13th remake looks so good...actually I'm not, Platinum Dunes are great at putting trailers together, and they've always made their films look good.

I guess what we really need to do is hope that the film itself holds up to this. However one hope is that Marcus Nispel is directing this, and he directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, which while it had flaws, managed to recapture some of the scare factor. Still, it wasn't as strong the original.

Although it's difficult to see it's all we have at the moment, anyone have something clearer?

Update: Old one removed, new one found.

Oh and a note to the studios, will you stop wasting time removing all these bootlegged trailers and just put up high definition versions of your Comic-Con footage? People will go nuts for it and forget about the bootlegged versions.

It's not hard, and you saw the reaction at Comic-Con. Get your finger out and give something to the fans.



well umm..... jason isn't in the original friday the 13th so I don't know if this is gonna be that faithful to the original.

Well he was, but just as a teenager.

The previous story on Filmstalker with the script review, tells us that this is a mix of the first and third Jason's - obviously it's more the killer and feel of the first rather than Jason himself.


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