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Friends film denied: Studios and stars ignore demand

Friends.jpgAfter the rumour arrived that the stars of the Friends television series were ready to reprise their characters in a film outing, both Warner Brothers and representatives for Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox said that it's all false.

With such negative comments from those at the heart of the story, are they killing the rumour or actually killing fans hopes for film outing? Are they actually killing the best chance of the film making money?

Studios are all about business and profit and loss, as much as we want good films, we're just going to get films that will earn the studios money, and pay the people involved. It's hard to accept that, but that's the way it works, and as long as you and I pay to go and see the films, they'll make money.

Thinking that way then it's really hard to understand why Warner Brothers, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox are all saying absolutely no way to a film version. Not even something like they'd think about it, as we'll see another major star today talking about her most well known role.

We've literally just seen Sex and the City take to the box office pretty well, especially since they basically just ripped off the audience for film ticket prices just to see the last half of the final television series all over again, and that has to be showing everyone involved that the timing is pretty good.

Not only that but there's a lot of older franchises coming back to life on the big screen, right now they're seeing the business model for something like Friends looking at it's strongest.

Then there's the stars of the series to think about. They aren't exactly setting the world on fire. For me Jennifer Aniston blew her chances when she decided to give up the dramatic roles after her superb performance in Derailed (Filmstalker review).

Cox has probably enjoyed the best career lately, she's had the Scream series and her television show which just got cancelled. Perry and Lisa Kudrow are nowhere to be seen, or nowhere worth being seen, while Matt LeBlanc is playing the same character and milking it for everything he can. Perhaps it could be said that, although mediocre, David Schwimmer has had the best success both on screen and on stage.

So why aren't these people thinking about the business side of it now? It's the perfect time for stars and marketplace alike, so why aren't they even saying that they are thinking about it to keep the fans interested?

Instead they're saying no to public demand, as seen by the response to the rumour, and ignoring the entire audience, as well as the business reasons, the reasons that usually drive these studios and actors not doing so well, imagine the payoffs would be huge.

So no to Friends, according to the publicity comments through Digital Spy. They better watch out, they might not have any friends in the audience if they ever do decided to cash in.



Let's face it, none of them have been in really memorable performances since the tv show closed 3 years ago, (although you mentioned a few notable things there too Rich) so all I have to say is, they really should strike whilst the iron is hot, and these actors should look at this as not just some reunion but will also revive their careers, even if for the last time. I did not expect that the audience reaction to the SatC film version will be great, and as FRIENDS has got a more wholesome audience, they can really cash in on this, if it's done well.

I loved Friends but it feels like it's never really ended. Endless re runs mean it's never far away. I say they should leave it alone. Which means they will probably go ahead...


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