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Gears of War goes Legendary

GearsofWar.jpgThe Gears of War film is moving ahead and will now be co-financed and co-produced by Legendary Pictures. Legendary Pictures also co-financed and co-produced The Dark Knight and 300.

Having endured a fair few late nights playing the game, this film is looking better all the time. Can they get two actors to make Cole and Baird appear as useless as they were though?

Legendary Pictures have a deal with Warner Bros, to co-finance and co-produce 25 films over 5 years. And although a lot of the films are visually impressive due to a director's vision, they've helped make some great films. Alongside The Dark Knight, 300 and Batman Begins, they have also been involved with the upcoming Watchmen film. They also have another game adaptation in the works, a film based on World of Warcraft. The news comes from Variety.

Len Wiseman is directing having also brought us Underworld and Die Hard 4.0. Gears of War sees a planet being taken over by group of nasty looking aliens known as the Locust Horde. A bunch of soldiers set out to retake the planet and obliterate the Locust Horde.

With the number of visually impressive films Legendary have been involved with, Gears of War could turn out to be something special. Almost makes me want to play the game again on the hardest difficulty...



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