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Ghost Town trailer online

RickyGervais.jpgGhost Town starring Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear and Téa Leoni has arrived online, and while some of the story feels a little contrived and the usual Hollywood moralistic story about love and life, it does look like it could have some good comic moments, especially with Gervais in the fore.

The story sees a dentist who isn't very nice to people die unexpectedly during a hospital examination, he's revived after seven minutes. Just like so many other stories he can now see the dead, and they want answers, or at least one of them does.

Greg Kinnear plays a ghost who is using hundreds of others to haunt Ricky Gervais and blackmailing him into approaching his widow, played by Téa Leoni, and trying to stop her from marrying a new and not very nice man.

The first problem that Gervais' character must get over is the fact that he's been so horrible to people, particularly those in his own apartment building where the wife just happens to live.

You can see the trailer over at the official site [Flash:Embed] for Ghost Town through Coming Soon.

See what I mean, it does feel a little contrived and sickly sweet during some moments, but there are flashes of Gervais and Kinnear playing well. This could actually be pretty good.



I think it looks good, although it's nothing we haven't seen before story wise. I'm a big fan of Gervais and his work, lets just hope David Koepp has written a good script!


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