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New Punisher: War Zone trailer

ThePunisher.jpgComic Con is delivering more goodies, this time a great new trailer for Punisher: War Zone. A few exploding heads are included, and some other stuff that made me wince a little. It looks brutal, and awesome! Let's hope the trailer isn't the best part.

Slight spoiler warning, if you don't want to know how a lot of people die in it, then avoid it.

The clip from Punisher: War Zone starring Ray Stevenson is below from IGN through Empire. It's age restricted but easy to get into. Unless you're a fool like me and don't notice it's the American way of inputing the date. Stevenson plays Frank Castle in Lexi Alexander's film. So far I'm sold. What do you think?



lame.. too bad thomas jane didnt took part :/ would have been a way much better "punisher"

Have to disagree. Liked the Tom Jane film but that trailer was better than that whole film. Have you ever read a punisher comic? They're violent as [expletive deleted - Richard], as should this film be.


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