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Hartnett playing Rain Main

JoshHartnett.jpgJosh Hartnett is going to star in a stage version of the fantastic film Rain Man which starred Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Hartnett is set to play the lead role that Cruise did on screen, that of Charlie Babbitt.

Apparently Hartnett has always wanted to head to the stage and this was the best opportunity for him.

The play, according to the BBC, will be opening in London's West End Apollo Theatre in September and Josh Hartnett said that the complex and charismatic character of Bartlett is what drew him to the role. Obviously it has nothing to do with a possible Actor's strike or lack of work elsewhere.

No, that's probably just being too harsh, he is an interesting actor who is underused. Perhaps the stage will provide him with the ability to hone his acting talent?

What I did find funny was that the article decides to point out one of his credits to date, that of Pearl Harbor - now that isn't a very flattering comparison for an actor who is about to hit the stage is it?

The stage version of Rain Man is written by Dan Gordon and directed by David Grindley, whose stage credits include Abigail's Party and Journey's End - that'll mean more to the stage lovers amongst you and I expect Simone to leap in at this point!



that'll mean more to the stage lovers amongst you and I expect Simone to leap in at this point!

LOL @ Richard. I like it when Filmstalker caters for its diverse audience needs! :D

I saw this piece yesterday and I initially thought come on, the film version with Hoffman and Cruise was superb already so why bother? Surely there are other worthy productions to revive? I am not a fan of Hartnett and I am not really keen on seeing a stage version of Rain Man, but if I have a free evening between Sept and Dec (which I doubt!) and the critics give it a goo dreview, who knows, then I'll report back here.


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