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High School Musical 3: Senior Year trailer online

HighSchoolMusical.jpgOh sweet lord. The merchandisers dream is back for another outing as the trailer for High School Musical 3 hits the internet with a dull thud.

The trailer promises more moralistic songs and no doubt more merchandising galore, however for the fans it promises more of the characters and situations that they love.

The story for High School Musical 3: Senior Year sees the two high school seniors Troy and Gabriella, played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens, coming to the end of their high school years and looking to head off to separate colleges. For the end of their adventure (which I'm sure it won't be!) they decide to create a spring musical which tells of their experiences at school and of the coming adventures in the future.

Fans are going to go wild for this one, as they've been going wild for the previous two. I know because at work when this film is talked about you hear parents who have kids clamouring for all the goodies from the show, who know all the words and the dance routines, and who go crazy whenever they get a chance to see it.

So here's to the third High School Musical, and the delight of kids and parents alike. The trailer is below which I found through Latino Review.



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