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Hollywood developing videogames

VideoGame.jpgHollywood is really having a go at the videogame market and trying to adapt its projects for gamers, something that it usually doesn't do so well as it goes for profit and exposure rather than actually developing a good game.

This view has been shown as both right and wrong by two stories out today about film projects being adapted for the gaming market. First there's the interesting sounding Wanted (Filmstalker review) game and then there's the not so interesting sounding games of Clueless, Mean Girls and Pretty in Pink.

Disney and Pixar are perhaps the most surprising companies to be behind the model of re-use in Hollywood videogame development. Really their games seem the same simple, platform, puzzle, solving games that the one before was, and looking at them you'd be forgiven for thinking it was exactly the same game, just a different character.

I caught this recently when I saw the Kung-Fu Panda game followed closely in the next advert break by one for WALL-E (Filmstalker review), and they both looked nigh on identical.

That looks to be the case as, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has set its sights on developing videogames for Clueless, Mean Girls and the classic Pretty in Pink. All very similar ideas and all sounding as though they'll get similar treatments and be ported from PC's across to every console and handheld that offers a marketplace.

Paramount Digital Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Interactive & Mobile tried to sell the idea a little better:

"Paramount is focused on creating quality interactive entertainment based on evergreen motion pictures…With these games, we will not only reach the core casual games audience but engage new audiences with our properties."

Yeah, sounds it with games based on Clueless and Mean Girls! Come on...what are the games going to include?

However Universal has it's head screwed on a little better as they are set to create a videogame from the film Wanted (Filmstalker review), and this one will be a higher end game with a budget that is likely to hit tens of millions of dollars, according to Variety.

The game will continue from the end of the film and feature a lot of the action styles from the film including the curving of bullets and the slow motion moments as well as trying to secure the voice talent from the film in the games.

Universal are being a bit more selective about it all and not just developing every single project into a film, neither are they concerned about hitting release dates to coincide with the DVD release. The article states that although it would be nice, they will make sure that the game is ready before release.

This is certainly the way to go about it and ensure that there are quality titles out there. The mass saturation of quick turnaround games that are just the same as before isn't really very exciting for the videogame market, and while it will make some money, it's not really exploiting the marketplace. Universal looks like it will be however.

Wanted aside, are there any games you would really like to see from Hollywood titles? Whatever happened to the huge online Matrix game? Come to think of it I haven't really seen a superb videogame come from a film as yet. Is that a reverse of the problem of Hollywood not being able to adapt a videogame properly?



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