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Inglorious Bastards ready to film

QuentinTarantino.jpgWell I thought this might be a project of Quentin Tarantino's that just went on and on, being talked about and never filmed, how wrong I was because today he's saying it's ready to go and it this will be his next film to shoot.

Word is that he hopes to have his remake of Inglorious Bastards ready for Cannes next year and will start filming in October.

According to Reuters through Yahoo News Quentin Tarantino is ready to roll on his World War II story of a group of soldiers who are facing a firing squad for their various acts during wartime and are given a chance to wipe their slate clean by accepting a near suicidal mission deep behind enemy lines. Of course the accept.

It may sound a little like The Dirty Dozen, but Inglorious Bastards is a remake of the film Quel maledetto treno blindato from 1978, which is roughly translates as the same thing.

Casting is a bit of an unknown so far. IMDB reports Tim Roth and Michael Madsen are in, although I honestly don't know if those are set in stone but would be very good guesses. I secretly hope that he manages to pull off getting Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis in there, that would be superb. However we'll have to wait and see who's career he revives for this film. Jean-Claude Van Damme? Who would you like to see in this?



Jean Claude Van Damme would be totally awesome in a Quentin Movie.. and his acting (seriously.. )has gotten way better and not only would he be available for a little cheaper (cause he's looking to finish off his career making only good movies.. again seriously) than most former actions stars.. but it will also be the first movie Jean -Claude has had go to theater's in a long time.. and usually a Van Damme flick can bring in at least 10-12 million on opening weekends.. not to mention over seas popularity.. it would so sweet.. (I've been secretly wishing this would happen some day.. fingers still crossed) and hey could even be a good $$$ move to considering the situation.. however with the look of the cast so far being rumored.. I can't see this movie not doing well.. Dicaprio and Pitt in the same movie! AWESOME!! along with any of the "regulars" or fav's of past Tarantino movies. .I wish him the best.. cause I personally like going out to see Q.T's flicks..
movies to reference
In Hell

Well we've got two votes, and it looks like DiCaprio might be out of the running, so there's space.


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