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John Woo's King Arthur Gunslinger story

JohnWoo.jpgNow that is the first thought that I had when I heard John Woo was directing a film based on the comic book Caliber which is about to appear at Comic-Con, that it sounds incredibly like the idea behind the Gunslingers in Stephen King's utterly amazing Dark Tower series.

However it's not. It's a story unto itself which sees the mythology of King Arthur and his Knights portrayed as gunfighters in 19th century America.

The story sounds cool and the idea is fantastic, then you add in the fact that John Woo is directing and I think we're going to find we'll have something visually as exciting as the idea of Knights and gunslingers together.

However as Variety report there are plenty of projects before that, so don't get too excited. It is good though that Woo hasn't been left behind by Hollywood considering his last outing there was Paycheck.

One good thing might come out of this is that if audiences do like the film perhaps studios will look more favourably on the idea of a Dark Tower series.



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