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Kitamura remaking Versus for Hollywood

Versus.jpgRyuhei Kitamura is to remake his film Versus for Hollywood it seems, and he's already completed one draft of the script and is ready to press on with the rewrite.

Kitamura became renowned for his film Versus which sees group of gangsters meeting two escaped convicts to settle old scores. Little do they know that they've picked the Forest of Resurrection to meet, and you know what that means...

...zombies. As those that the gangsters have killed and buried here begin to rise from the dead for revenge, we see a film that mixes samurai action with good old fashioned gun play and, of course, the undead.

According to Ryuhei Kitamura's own comments at Fantasia through Dread Central and HorrorMovies.ca, the film will be made in a couple of years and it promises to be even more of a wild ride than the original, in fact he told the audience that the US version of Versus will be insane.

It seems he just has one polish to do on his completed script and then he's set to direct it himself in Hollywood.

This'll be really interesting to see if he can recreate the strength and fun of the original and still produce something special and exciting in a U.S. audience. Hopefully it won't be a straight remake though and he won't be pressured by Hollywood studios to do something too U.S., like casting George Clooney in the lead!



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