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Knowing Trailer online

Knowing.jpgA trailer has arrived for Alex Proyas' Knowing starring Nicolas Cage. The film has a great concept, some kids fifty years ago write hat they think that the future will hold and put it in a time capsule for some fifty years.

One of the letters is a list of numbers, numbers that may just predict the future, or so Nicolas Cage's character believes. Normally I'd be gone at that, but Alex Proyas has some magic inside of his head, so maybe there's something special here.

After all he brought us Dark City didn't he? Well the trailer for Knowing has arrived and it looks okay, in fact Nicolas Cage, who usually looks so awful and filled me with dread at being in this film, actually looks okay, if not good. It seems he's really pulling back his usual performance here, and he's not punching any ladies in bear costumes.

When Cage, who plays a teacher, opens the time capsule in the future and decodes the list of numbers, he finds that it predicts every major disaster to the present day, and there's way more numbers to come. You can see the rest in the trailer, which brings up the question, what happens when the list runs out? Let's hope that's not the ending ruined.

You can see the trailer right here through /Film, or head to IGN who have it in high definition too if you sign up to their site and click on the video player to see the different sized options.

What do you think? Is this a normal Cage disaster, or something interesting from Alex Proyas? Certainly there's going to be some great effects from that first disaster moment in the trailer.



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